Doctor, CEO, Inspirational Writer, Speaker, Yoga Teacher and Creator of Projects that Make a Difference in the World!
From climbing the
corporate ladder to creative, unbound yogi, I share my story with you. The soul behind the work. The soul who has experienced ups, downs, challenges, tragedy and heartache. I have been on a journey of becoming the woman I always knew was there but could never really believe existed.
Growing up with
a lifetime struggle with weight, relationships and learning how to love. I share my story with you in the hopes that it may help you to overcome your own hurdles and challenges.
My goal is to
inspire you to find messages of hope, love and confidence to overcome fears, bust through self-imposed barriers, build your own strength and create the life you have always imagined. We are all leaders. Leaders of our own personal journey. As a leader in business and in life, I live by the philosophy, “be the leader you would follow.”
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